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  1. Young Ho Kim
  2. Bold Shine
  3. Wednesday, 17 November 2021

we are using Easy Social (Stack Ideas) on our Joomla Site and we use the template CMSBold Shine.

I contacted Stack Ideas a while ago because we have a problem with the site (malfunction of some areas in the event-creation-process).

I now got feedback from them that a JS file from the template CMSbold shine is causing the problem.

Please see our conversation below:

Original message from us to StackIdeas:
Hey there,

the event creation process is not working anymore on our site.

There are 2 issues, that haven't been there before:

1) Event description field not visible
- One cannot enter an event description because the box is missing

2) Submission button not working
- One cannot submit an event because the submission button is not working

Please see a video attached, sent by one of our users: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can replicate the problems on our end and they look the exact same.



Answer from Stack Ideas:
From what I check, it seems like hitting some Javascript error from your template js cache file (screenshot : )

I do not know how to turn off this so it won't load this cache file.

Perhaps you can consult with your template provider regarding this issue and see how it goes?

You can show them if you switch to the Joomla protostar template then it loads fine.


Can you please look into this?


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