Some of our beloved customers have confusion between theme for StackIdeas' components and Joomla templates. By default, a Joomla template can be found under Backend of your site > Extensions > Templates and installed via default Joomla installer.

However, a theme for StackIdeas' components, like EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss,... is a bit different. These components come with pre-installed themes which you can apply to the site. If these themes don't match the style of the site, you may need an extra theme from EasySocial Themes collection to change a different coat for EasySocial but keep the existing Joomla template. This documentation contains detailed steps for how to install EasySocial's theme as example, it would be the same for components from StackIdeas: EasyBlog, EasyDisscuss, Komento


Make sure Joomla template on the site does NOT override style of Easysocial component.

Step 1: Download and install package:

The download package includes all Easysocial's themes

Unzip before installing theme, there are several zip files inside, each will be one theme

Log into backend > Components -> EasySocial -> Themes -> Install

Install Theme

(1) Select "Choose File" and select one of above theme like:

(2) Select "Upload & Install".

(3) This message will appear when the theme is installed successfully.

Step 2: Set theme as default:

Install Theme

Go to Components -> EasySocial -> Themes -> Themes.

Select "Wall" and make it as Default theme.

In this guideline, Wall - Easysocial theme will be used as sample, other themes can be installed in the same way.

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If you have any specific request or feedback as well as suggestions, feel free to drop us a line in Theme Bundles forum. We'll try to cover them all.

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