Thank you for using our extension. We are so happy that you are one of our customers. Before you get started, we highly encourage you to get familiar with this documentation. Getting through this documentation may save lots of your time and help you to avoid questions with obvious answers.

I. General Settings

In this section, you will configure some interface settings

General Settings
  • Slideshow Styles: select one of 2 styles for the slideshow
  • Load jQuery:This option allows you to enable or disable loading jQuery on your site. If your template already loaded jQuery then disable this otherwise you should enable it.
  • Show Navigation: Enable / disable navigation of slide
  • Loop Items: Infinity slides
  • Autoplay: When enabled the sliding starts automatically
  • Duration: This is how long it will take your slider to switch from one slide to another.
  • Show Mask: Enable / disable mask for the slide
  • Mask Type: Select type for the mask
  • Mask Opacity: Set opacity for the mask
  • Slide Text Color: Enable this option to customize color for text in the slide
  • Title Color: Set color for the title
  • Description Color: Set color for the description

Slides Manager

This is where you can manage your slides, add new slide , delete slide, order them, choose which one should come first, etc.

Buttons in each slide

There are 3 buttons in each slide:

  • Add a new slide
  • Delete the current slide
  • You can change your slide's order by drag'n'dropping them.
Slides Manager
  • Slide Background Image: Choose an image for the slide
  • Slide Background Video: Fill the ID of Youtube video
  • Slide title: Title of slide
  • Slide description: Description text
  • Slide action text: Text for the action of slide
  • Text alignment: Set the alignment for the slide's text
  • Slide Effect: Set animation for the text appearing in the slide

Once again, thank you so much for using this extension. We will be glad to help you, if you have any questions about this extension. We'll do our best to assist.

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