As we all know, Joomla is a very famous free and open-source content management system for publishing any website content. The core value that users expect from using Joomla is to deliver most useful information and exceptionally interesting service to their customers. Besides, some users’ aim is to drive more traffic to their website and access to a larger number of customers. Therefore, in order to create such vivid website, let’s take a look at our new released template Bold Company.

Searching for the word “template”, dozens of results would show up in a second. Entering “Bold Company”, there shows a lively, modern and one-of-a-kind Joomla template you have ever seen. Bold Company is developed by CMSBold focusing on the use for corporate, business and financial institutions. Using Bold Company for your corporate / business / financial website surely brings you a lot of advantages over your components.

What does Bold Company offer?

Understanding that work related with financial industry needs customer exposure, Bold Company has crucial keys to make your business skyrocket.

Firstly, Bold Company is a suitable template for businesses, corporate, financial institutions as well as agencies. It is such an amazing place to showcase types of company information such as portfolio, services, blogs as well.

Secondly, it provides space for website owners to specify detailed information in smart order which helps customers get to know more of their service.

Thirdly, this template has everything covered concerning several categories that assists your business with creative layouts. You are free to customize and create flexible layouts that meet requirements of a business website. Especially, crafted portfolio page comes with Bold Company will help to grow and maintain user-trust for any business. A well-planned portfolio page that presents the projects in a period-wise organized manner, while the detailed project page displays in an elegant way, all detailed information needed for every project plus beautiful combination of texts and images.

Fourthly, Bold Company fully supports EasyBlog in a professional way that boosts website’s growth rate by styling an awesome company’s blog page and supports all default Joomla pages.

How would Bold Company suit your need?

Developed on Helix Ultimate framework, Bold Company is functional and user-friendly to financial website owners. It is also ready for any type of display devices including mobile phones and tablets. Bold Company utilizes Bootstrap 4 and many tools make your website unique with superb functionality. This template is built with the most modern and fastest technologies available.

Last Words

Whatever you plan to do, Bold Company assists you to have one of the top-notch finance website that drive your business. Following the latest technology trends, this template absolutely has many notable features solely for financial sectors. With CMSBold, you will get 24/7 support whenever you need.

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The attracting more traffic to your site using this service is optimal for the users. We only need to find out some features of its work.

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As far as I can see, the presented template has been built with the new and fastest technologies available nowadays!

  1. help in history

Looking on these pictures I understand that the templates are made very professionally. The most important information is on the title page. It is really necessary as the customer doesn't have to scroll the page and look for what he needs.


This place is perfect for demonstrating information about a company that interests you that may be useful to all its customers.


blogging is always fun, as via this link found one of my best friend that is none other than . i would recommend this link to everyone.


I've looked through these services, and I would like to say I liked your templates a lot!

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The fame of this company is to provide regular interaction with many customers, but the most important thing is that all this happens completely free.

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