There is an interesting fact that nowadays, blogs and online newspapers has played an increasingly important role in the society’s knowledge exchange beside that of traditional information sources.

People tend to spend most of their time working on and learning from the Internet or social networks by reading news, communicating with their colleagues and interacting with several posts. Therefore, anybody can become an author or a reporter of an event being witnessed. They can gather pieces of stories to tell readers what they have encountered through a personal blog post.

For simplify, you could imagine that a blog post can sparkle lots of reactions from commentators. And one significant factor contributing to readers’ attraction to that blog post is the appearance or the outerwear that stimulates the curiosity to explore the content. For the past few months, CMSBold has focused to deliver a stunning Joomla template for News, magazine and personal blog to help style websites your way. Here is “Bold Simpli” - the one we would take a closer look together.

At a glance, Bold Simpli Joomla template comes with a super creative and modern design. The template for all writers, journalists, authors and bloggers combines all demanding styles and functionalities. This template is developed on the Helix Ultimate so that it is fully responsive and compatible with Joomla 3x. It is also mobile friendly so that users’ experience is enhanced remarkably whenever they use their phones or even tablets. Providing 4 page layouts, Blog Simpli attempts to get users to the finished line with the contents suitable for types of the blog posts. Zooming in this special Joomla template, we could see a lot of exciting features and price package offerings.


Blog Layouts with 4 Contents

Blog Layouts with 4 Contents

Categorized blogs contents into 4 different and diverse sectors such as Travel, Food, Fashion and Decors, Blog Simpli seems to reduce users’ workload considerably. Deciding on which type of blogs to write is the main thing that users have to get a headache about. The 4 pre-built page layouts support distinct blog projects with multiple designs and arrangements.

In the Decors layout, pictures are interwoven with words which slowly guide customers to a showroom that is full of smart and warm furniture pieces. For each article, users can choose to extend their posts with Readmore tag or display the newest or superb articles on top of the page. Smartly taking advantage of the space, this template has also displayed the subscription box where users can easily find or ask for more detail.

Getting to know the Travel layout, I’ve got to tell you that this one is impressive and breathtaking. Focusing on people who are eager to plan for their trips, Blog Simpli chooses to display a blog page with stacks of stunning images with posts’ titles respectively rather than a letter of words. With a single click on the titles, readers can explore in detail the tourist destinations with detailed description. Besides, Blog Simpli integrates many interesting blog options such as galleries, videos and audios. Do you ever wonder how listening to a relaxing piece of music while reading a travelling blog would bring such a great sensation?

For a Food blogger, Blog Simpli template layout for Food would be the start of the most amazing food tour ever that they wish visitors to know about. With the Mega menu builder, Bold Simpli helps this template become more navigable and ideally ordered. Users can add row and column based menus or adjust menu positions by using drags and drops feature as well. The latest articles as well as most read are arranged to save visitors time looking for them. With the prebuilt header variations, you can also impress your visitors with all the delicious food experience as well.

Trying to get visitors’ attention to what your styles, you should not miss the Fashion layout. Arranging with various images with date posted, visitors can easily see the fashion trends day by day. They can find the subscription box as well as contact box for more detail as Blog Simpli has integrated the contact form and social network icons. These small but very useful feature could enormously enhance visitors’ interaction with posts and bloggers’ social networks.

3 Header Style Variations

3 Header Style Variations

With Simpli you get the option to have your website header in a couple of styles. By going away from the traditional header designs, we bring 3 completely different header styles for your site. Selecting a header style or switching between theme is easy via Predefined Headers in Template Options.

Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

You may be tempted to use the Standard format for every blog post, since it offers consistency for your content. If you only create traditional text-based blog posts, this approach can be ideal. However, if you post many different types of content – or if you’re looking for a way to change up your content’s appearance – non-standard post formats can help you out. They’re particularly useful if you want to share a lot of quick content and resources with your readers, without having to compose long posts. Bold Simpli provides some custom post types that make your content handly, structured, easy-to-use: Video, Gallery, Audio which helps you to provide a diverse range of content for your readers and highlight the particular resource you’re sharing, without requiring you to do extra work.

Other features: Integrated Comments and Rating system

Other features: Integrated Comments and Rating system

Another detail of Blog Simpli I want to talk about is the integrated comments feature. As the blog post is where authors can share ideas and spread them to the world, visitors typically want to respond with agreement/ disagreement or suggestion. This function is really helpful that bloggers can receive comments and interact with visitors and vice versa. Bold Simpli is very elegant to pay attention to this feature so that bloggers can get a notice of such comments. Besides, this Joomla template also counts the number of hits on each blog post and it is search engine optimized to make sure your blog page is visible to any related categories with tag sections.

Helix Ultimate Framework and Responsiveness

Other features: Integrated Comments and Rating system

As mentioned earlier, CMSBold has built this Joomla template with the latest Helix Ultimate framework based on the Bootstrap 4 integrate that provides several blog options and variations. That means Bold Simpli is designed with the newest of technologies for every customization purpose. Among its kind, the latest Helix Ultimate framework brings the faster and more flexible interface and support than ever. There goes a polished and beautiful cover for all stories to show up. Additionally, Blog Simpli is a fully responsive template that can best suit for even desktop screen or that of mobile and tablet. CMSBold developers’ dedication and attention to every single detail of the template has brought out a successful blogging areas to read wherever you are.

Ready To Use Pages

Ready To Use Pages

Coming Soon: A feature that can be useful whenever you get to update your website but do not want your visitors to puzzle over what happen to your page is Maintenance or Coming Soon mode. Sometimes, leave your pages under a short and precise notice of Maintenance or Coming Soon would make your customers feel more comfortable as they know that is only for temporary. In addition, it could make visitors more thirsty for your blog page to come back.

Registration: There’s a registration page to have people enrolled

Contact: Let the interested people contact you through a nice contact page

Cloaking up

With such a minimal and clean, responsive Joomla template, you would find no excuse not to buy Bold Simpli to facilitate your amazing and meaningful blog and magazine website. With the confidence of CMSBold to provide you one of the most outstanding Joomla template ever, you can purchase the template, customize all the way you want and wait for visitors to give a hit on your posts.

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