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As countries become more developing, people start to feel the need of increasing socializing. Being just small “entities” in our world, we desire to be in a connecting web. That means we always expect to be fit in or to be communicating with other people.

The more we take part in such social events and trends, the more growing our community is. However, our society does not only develop on the base of face-to-face communication. Amazingly, with the assistance of AI and technology, we can interact with each other by many networks. Among one of them, Joomla stands out to be an actively free and open-source content management system for publishing web content. With the unique mission to enhance the user’s experience and interaction or trafficking, Joomla social network extension – EasySocial is considered to be a “flyer” identifies oneself to other with activity stream of status updates, profile pictures or several great stories.

Therefore, being a good storyteller in EasySocial is surely in need of creative, attractive and handy themes. Besides, we are also receiving continuous requests from customers of EasySocial components’ themes. Thus, CmsBold has this pleasure to announce a candidate list of interesting EasySocial themes including Wall, Classic, Box and Night.


Wall - EasySocial theme

At first sight, every CmsBold theme designed for EasySocial component is easily customizable and adaptive for any purpose. The theme “Wall” is built upon the idea of logical and smart arrangement of both contents and stories.

The EasySocial, which is integrated with this wall-styled timeline, progressively presents personal info, pictures and life events. Otherwise, visitors can skim others’ timelines and check on updates and new status. Wall theme works smoothly with the most up-to-dated EasySocial version as it is constantly developed. As each theme is stored in a separate folder, users can freely customize every theme’s component adaptable with EasySocial pages.

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Classic - EasySocial theme

Just like other Joomla templates, the Classic for EasySocial is a responsive theme that displays a diverse portfolio of images, videos and posts. These are dynamically filtered by different section or category such as pages, videos and other contents.

Classic can be considered the synonym of minimalism. The theme developers try to convey the greatest story told by users using minimalism style. This minimal theme offers a package of customizable options to make your contents appealing without unnecessary distractions.

The simple surrounding together with clearly straight-forward contents would give users a seamless experience surfing the page.

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Box - EasySocial theme

The third candidate in our list to mention is the Box theme, which is packed with a lot of high quality features. Theme options, builders and even layouts - all are included in this fantastic EasySocial theme.

With the Box, numerous and vivid contents can be showcased to visitors in a fit screen of any device. This stunning theme with modern and creative design works perfectly with the latest version of EasySocial. It offers a free selection of additional pages such as video page, blog page and so on. Based on the contact-form, this built-in web form allows visitors to get in touch with you just in time to get more information.

Using this theme, you would get 24/7 support from the developer in case of having any trouble.

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Night - EasySocial theme

As promised, CmsBold create a new theme for our beloved customers who love the dark mode.

Changing from bright to dark schemes, the Night theme gives users unique experience with mysterious and fashionable design. As it is fully responsive, this powerful Night theme looks professional on any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Many features are included such as detailed and organized content, user-friendly interface as well as high performance. The smart layout and customizable menu are also built in this awesome theme. These functions make Night compatible with all EasySocial versions.

This is perfect choice for multi-purpose users who are perfectionists having no regard of much coding.

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Pricing Option

Beside the existing plans on our pricing page, we introduce new EasySocial theme bundles priced at &79 for 6 months. This new choice is perfect for whom want to change a different coat for EasySocial but keep the existing Joomla template.

Personal plan priced at $59 for 3 months, Business priced at $89 for 6 months and Developer costed $299 for 12 months, the new Theme Bundles will be included in Business and Developer plan.

Each package receives full-time updates and support from the CmsBold. However, the Developer option is the one gets customization support and unlimited utilities such as renewal discount or domain support. Making a EasySocial theme bundle purchase or get access for all of Joomla templates & EasySocial themes depends on your request.

Last words

These themes developed for various purposes that supported EasySocial pages. Surprisingly, fully responsive EasySocial themes also bring a great change in many UI elements.

Using these elements, you can add as much content as you want without much effort. No wonder why you should get your own package to experience their distinctive features right away.

We will be releasing more new theme for this bundle on a regular basis from now on. We appreciate if you share your thoughts and feedback regarding our products. Happy developing.

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  1. Charles Hersh

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WordPress is widely used in the website industry. I love the theme essaywriter.org is using as it's so interactive and looks good. I myself am a web developer and work with WordPress all day. It's such an easy application as you don't have to handle any of the code.

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