For each Joomla! template released, there are often 2 packages included: template package and quickstart package. Sometimes, we get the question from our support channel like: "What is QUICKSTART package?", "How to install it" or "I can not install it via administrator panel". This overview will help users who are new to Joomla! understand more about this package.


Whem implementing a new website, users often choose to 'start from scratch': install Joomla package first, then utilise template package and complimentary extensions (component / module / plugin) and add content into website. This process will take a bit time to configure and make it looks as good as our demo setup. To help novice users save time with the configuration of CMS, we provide a package called 'QUICKSTART' that simplifies whole process. Basically, a quickstart package contains an entire Joomla installation as well as all of other extensions we used on the demo site. The sample data included in this package is also personalised according to the template and is different to the sample data you see in default Joomla package.

Main differences:

Template Package

This standard package is available for installation into your existing Joomla websites. Template package contains all necessary files (.php, .js, .less, .css, etc...) to create Joomla! template appearance. It does not include any components/modules/plugins nor demo content.

Template Package

Basically, a Joomla! template package can be installed via the Joomla Installer.

Template Package Install

Quickstart package

What included in Quickstart package: Joomla + CmsBold's template + Modules / Plugins + Images [LINK] + Demo content. A quickstart package's size hence often bigger than size of a Joomla! template package, about 20 Mb +

One important thing users may notice is that Quickstart package will not include any 3rd party commercial extensions (EasySocial, EasyBlog, etc...), these are paid components and in order to use it, you must purchase them from their developer's website first. The FREE extensions are still included if any.

Common questions for Quickstart package

I have a existing Joomla website, can I use quickstart package?

It's not possible to install a Quickstart package on top of an existing Joomla website. If you try to install via the Joomla Installer, error will occur like 'Can not find xml file in installer error'.

Installed Quickstart package but it doesn't look like demo site?

Than you did not install Sample Data during the installation process. Recommended to install again.

Can CmsBold's template package come with sample data?

In case that you can't use Quickstart package and have to install template package, you will not be able to have demo content and have to install the template, framework (if any) + any other complimentary extensions (modules/plugins) independantly. You can follow the template specific documentation page which has detailed guideline for how to configure as demo alike setup. This process may take a bit more time to get this done but it's the only way to install a template package into an existing Joomla website.

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