Are you beginner to Joomla and searching for the best Joomla templates for your Joomla website? You found out the right place! Choosing the right template for your Joomla projects is not always easy. It is not just a matter of choosing a layout with a few fancy colors that appeal to you, there are many more considerations, some obvious and some less so. In this blog, we will discuss the considerations you need to think of.

#1 What Kind Of Site Do You Have?

This is the first question you have to answer if you want to have a right Joomla template! So what kind of template do you need? There are designs for almost anything you can think of and It's important to choose a template that fit your brand's persona. When figuring out what kind of site you have there are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Decide what kind of color scheme you need to match your brand (it helps to have a logo already).

2. What template genre are you going for? Here are a few template genre examples: architect, professional dog walker, musician, real estate appraiser, scientific researcher, and there are many others.

3. Take a closer look at what similar industry websites are doing. It's common to go after the flashy websites because they look pretty, but using a template simply because it looks pretty in the demo can result in disappointment when your business doesn't fit the template's style. Simply put, don't force your business to fit the molding of a template.

#2 What Functionality Do You Need?

Functionality is a fancy word for tools and/or features. Joomla templates usually come with a set of features. Examples of these features are image sliders, submit forms, module positions, layout options, menu display options and other elements. Depend on your industry and your goods, the functionality them is different. Determining what you need will help you when you demo some of these templates. One distinction that helps to know is that a lot of functionality with templates has been moved to their underlying framework. That means if you just used the framework, a lot of the functionality would still be present, you would just lose the design of the site. This distinction can be helpful because it means you do not have to settle on a specific template if the functionality of its framework is what actually drives the toolsets.

#3 Is The Template SEO-friendly and Cross-browser Compatible?

Your website should be search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly and should also run properly on any browser. But here’s the thing – not all themes out there are built with these key features in mind. Don’t know what makes a template SEO-friendly? It’s all about the proper use of relevant keywords in titles, URLs, meta descriptions, headlines and more. Cross browser compatibility means that all pages show well in browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc, regardless of the app your visitors use to access your website. You have to make sure the template you choose includes these two key features.

#4 Careful With Free Templates

One of the important things you have to know is careful with free templates. The best sources of free templates are the free versions that many commercial template providers offer as a means to get acquainted with their services. These are usually reliable. Other free templates can be found on spammy download sites, but they are usually free because they are riddled with spam or malicious software. Always ask yourself: why would this template be free?

#4 Does The Template Support Your Language?

Do you live in the country that uses right-to-left language? It's important to take into account the language support feature to make sure that the template you selected supports to show properly your language. Almost Joomla templates have the option of on the fly RTL language localization. You can see this function in the feature box and then you just need to check RTL mode on its demo and the whole template will convert automatically.

#5 Template Updating

Make sure your template will be updated. Similar like Joomla, updates are often needed, for things like bug fixes, feature additions, and even security updates. Also, Joomla updates sometimes break compatibility with your template, and then your provider should quickly update your template. That is why you should also keep your template updated. But of course, your template club should also provide these updates on a regular basis. Plus it requires you to keep your subscription 

Final Thought

The right Joomla template is the one that provides you with a seamless experience. It not only looks good but is also accommodating to updates and modifications. If you don’t want to wander in the woods for technical issues or security breach, you need to choose your Joomla template carefully. So, hopefully, after this article, you know what to look out for when you look for a new template!

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