Among thousand ideas, just few ones seem to be good. In case you want to make them better, it is necessary to clearly define how those ideas should be turned into reality.

There is a conclusion by a researcher named Greg A. Stevens mentioning that “3000 raw ideas equal 1 commercial success”. Indeed, brainstorming sessions always take most of our time yet produce the brightest and the most possible ideas. In order to be outstanding in the crowd, you must need the help of some social engine applications such as Joomla to add in your dictionary of “a commercial success”. Whether your business is at any stage of life cycle, one of the greatest goal should be reached is to maintain connections with current customers, build a sustainable community for your product as well as to seek for potential customers. With the assistance of Joomla Community / Social Networking website, every problem and obstacle will be overcome and also be opportunities to improve ourselves. In this post, I would like to summarize a step-by-step procedure to build a social networking website for the Joomla base.

Step 1: Remember to get your domain name

First and foremost, before getting start with Joomla, you should not forget the domain name – where other Internet users can access your website. You need to register the domain name so that it could help connect users with your website. This key element is crucial as it affects your SEO and creates vivid and solid impression on users’ minds about your product.

Step 2: Choose an ideal web hosting

It is beyond doubt that you can maintain a lifetime of happiness and satisfaction with a high-performance and full-function hosting service. Rusting into a random hosting commitment would cause you serious distress and costing budgets. All hosting providers have its own competitiveness over others in some ways. Sometimes, the cheapest deal is not the one with the most superb features. Choosing a good Joomla web hosting is a process of considering four main factors such as speed, security, growing opportunity and price.

Firstly, the site speed implies the probability that both visitors and search engines can access your website in the shortest possible time. Visitors tend to give up on those websites take much time to load and change their interests immediately. Similarly, search engines would indicate poor searching results with those are too slow to access.

The second factor affecting your hosting plan is the service security. Web service threats can be troublesome and they have become stumbling blocks preventing all the ways to success. Some web hosting services take care of this matter seriously as they provide antivirus scanning system protecting our valuable source of data. Moreover, they also ensure protection to minimize website downtime along with firewall to filter spam, bot, junk traffic and block suspicious website requests.

Thirdly, in terms of growing opportunity, does the website hosting have available and required marketing tools to increase your brand recognition? If it does not, you should have a second thought for yourself. A good hosting service provides you with enough storage and perfect bandwidth. Accounting for the data “data transaction”, the bandwidth can lay a great foundation for building a powerful website. It makes the Joomla community website more desirable with a collection of massive media such as pictures and videos.

Until all above factors are taken into consideration, you should understand how web hosting pricing works. Though using a cheaper hosting provider with a shared server can provide you value-added services, a secure and reliable cloud hosting can be another wise option to think about.

Step 3: Install the Joomla

In order to build a Joomla community website, you should get Joomla installed in your devices. There are several ways to install Joomla which are automatic and manual installation. The first way requires users to practice the minimal operations. You just need to:

  • Access the Auto Installer and download Joomla CMS.
  • Next, you should locate Joomla CMS from the list to proceed.
  • Running the initial setup wizard is the next stage and then you have your Joomla available to use.

Otherwise, you can download Softaculous and have the installations process completed just with a few clicks.

  • Access your cPanel and click on the Softaculous icon.
  • Go to the Sitebuilding Softaware section and choose Joomla shortcut.
  • As Joomla Installation section shows up, press the Install button to start Joomla 3.
  • Your Joomla 3 application is ready to use for building such great websites of your own.

Installing Joomla manually can be troublesome but sometimes it could be a great adventure for those love coding and more complex steps.

  • First, you should download Joomla 3 installation package follow the original Joomla download site.
  • Upload the Joomla files to your server.
  • Create a MySQL Database for Joomla to use.
  • Go through a process for basic installations.
  • Finally, press Install to start your Joomla 3.

After installing Joomla, we are ready to move to the next step, which is choosing a template.

Step 4: Choose a template in your collection

This step aims to polish your Joomla community website. Joomla template is a useful tool to present your web in the most stunning way. These templates are considered to be effective and easy web design tools to get visitors attention. There are plenty of Joomla templates that are free or commercial ones, will be suitable for social networking site, choose one best template from those would be easier.

Understanding basic methods of installing Joomla and how core stuff works, it would take you just few minutes to get a fresh Joomla community website to use.

  • Choose and download a Joomla template
  • Login to Joomla control panel and click Extensions.
  • From the drop-down menu, click Manage and Install.
  • Choose a template in your file then hit Upload and Install.

Step 5: Install a Joomla extension

As it sounds, an extension carries its great mission of extending Joomla functions. It is a software package offering various interesting functions and assistance for Joomla default installation. Building a Joomla community website requires you to have at least one of three great social extensions installed. These popular extensions to mention are EasySocial, Community Builder and JomSocial. Let’s get in detail with EasySocial first:


Basically, EasySocial is an extension can integrate with the Joomla content management system. EasySocial brings the convenience of building a great social environment for users. Building community website using EasySocial is very easy. EasySocial has an infinite and extensible features that fulfills any growing community needs and wants.

  • Activity Stream
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Photo Albums
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Gamification
  • Conversations

Get EasySocial Now!

Community Builder and JomSocial

Community Builder package is also a popular extension that many website users take advantages of. The developers of Community Builder guarantee to configure everything for users along with the basic tabs and fields created by Joomla. Its key features are help communicate with friends using built-in integration, let users interact, provide a module to manage registration, text support and member profile components as well.

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Being those two competitors, JomSocial is outstanding in creating a fast and user-friendly social network in Joomla. It is customizable and adaptive to many type of community website. A stunning blog layout or an attractive social theme has impressed all the most demanding customers.

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Final Words

At the end of this post, I hope you all have a better view of how to make a Joomla community site with very clear stages. Each step requires you define purposes and how you want visitors to experience the service you provided. Each extension has its features and advantages; nevertheless, they all have interesting and flexible components to suit your Joomla the best. Thus, keep in mind these steps to turn your ideas into massive success!!!

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