Last week we made some big changes to our website and our pricing policy. We hope that our visitors and customers will love those new improvements.

New style
New style

Updating New Style for

Our site was updated to be a new style which was more user-friendly so that you can find the information you need quickly and easily. In particular, we’ve changed the theme and layout on the site so everything becomes more simple but professional and attractive.


New pricing Model
New pricing Model

New Pricing Model: Changing from Single Purchase to Clubs

Why did we decide to change our pricing model?

When you buy a single template, you will be able to download the selected template and get updated this one only. On the other hand, If you decide to subscribe for Joomla Template club, you will be able to download all our templates. You can download template updates and new one while your account is active. It's very expensive and inconvenient for those who have many sites and would like to keep their website updated.

Yah, that is it. The most important reason why we changed the pricing model is that It’s important for you to keep your websites updated. Our technician team has just had a plan to release new templates frequently. So that we would like to our customers can update templates without extra money. The template is one of the most important aspects of your Joomla website. It is used on every page load and affects the look, feels, layout, page load time and nearly every other aspect of the website experience. So that you can not use only one template for your Joomla site a long time. It will make your visitors bored and uncomfortable. And now, with CMSBold, you just need to pay once and get forever.


New forums
New forums

New Forums: Using EasyDiscuss to Replace Kunena Forum

Communicating with users via a public site often means you don't have to repeat yourself. And if you're using it as a support forum, you're providing enormous value because the customers can search for an answer and potentially find a solution immediately instead of waiting for an answer. We have tried a lot and finally, I found out the best option for our new forum. EasyDiscuss is exactly the name it has. It's modern, well organized, and easy to use forum layout. The main features of EasyDiscuss I like most are:

- It's easy to use!

- Clean and simple layouts

- Social integration

- Site users now have the option to post discussions anonymously.

And many more!

Summing Up

We’d really like your feedback on our new site - it'll help us continue to develop our site and deliver the information you want. If you spot anything unexpected or confusing, please let us know so that we can fix the issue and make your experience on our site as smooth as possible.


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